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For the class of 2022, Peak to Peak International School is presently accepting applications. There are only a few openings for your ward(s). Getting an application form is the first step in our admissions procedure. They are available at the school’s client service office. It is crucial to note that before parents may obtain the application form, the child must meet the age requirement.

Early Years Admission Test

All applicants for primary class must come to school for an evaluation that takes up the entire school day. Candidates should bring their lunch and afternoon snacks. Entry into our Playgroup and Nursery is open on a continuing basis.

Open days and school tours

Call +234809246700 or send an email to if you’d like to take a tour of the Peak to Peak International School or participate in one of our open days.

Primary School Admission Test

All applicants must take the three-hour entrance exam administered by the school. Depending on the grade level for which the child is applying, English and Math are assessed. Subject to space, more testing sessions are offered at a later time.

Candidates should bring writing tools and math sets with them. Calculator use is not permitted at this point. Despite high expectations for performance, the school retains the ability to refuse admission to a kid, even if they have passed the entrance tests.

Admissions Criteria

Academic aptitude is only one factor in admission to the Peak to Peak International School. We work to make sure every applicant’s kid and parent are a perfect fit for the Peak to Peak International School. Every new student should grow and prosper both inside and outside of our school, and we take great care to maintain the appropriate atmosphere to support this.

Enroll your child/ward today

If you will like to have a tour of the Peak to Peak International School or take part in our open days, please call 08092467000 or email