Basic 3

We structure a nurture a vibrant community of great scholars within the ambit of high-standard quality international education.

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Basic Three

For age 7-8

Children in the top section of the Prep School, which is for ages 7 to 8, also benefit from large, well-equipped classrooms. Children in Upper Prep get the majority of their instruction from qualified teachers in their classrooms, just like in their earlier years of education. A specialist music instructor continues to teach music, which includes teaching students how to play an instrument. In the lab, the children are taught by a specialist in science, and in their various classrooms, they are taught about robotics and computers. The students’ passion of the language and culture is fostered by their French teacher.

Responsible teachers

Each student's welfare is a specific concern of the class teacher. This is crucial because careful nurturing that prioritizes a child's personal growth and wellbeing promotes academic achievement.

Cambridge checkpoint

An international education program called Cambridge Primary is utilized in primary schools all around the world. It is primarily geared for young students between the ages of 5 and 11. It fosters the development of young learners who are self-assured, accountable, thoughtful, inventive, and engaged. The exams, which are graded in Cambridge, give schools a third-party international baseline for student performance.
Every year in April, our Year Six students (Prep 5) take the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint exam series.

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