Basic 2

We structure a nurture a vibrant community of great scholars within the ambit of high-standard quality international education.

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Basic Two

For age 5-6

We want to provide every boy and girl with a top-notch start to their education by giving them the chance to learn in a fun, carefree environment that fosters the growth of confidence in all facets of school life. We foster a knowledge of other people’s needs and promote a developing grasp of appropriate and inappropriate behavior.


The kids are taught by highly qualified personnel who treat them as unique individuals and work to meet their needs in order to help them reach their greatest potential. In the context of a wide curriculum that fosters creativity and personal growth, emphasis is given on the acquisition of the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. There are several chances for hands-on learning experiences. In general, the subject teacher instructs the students, but there is some specialized instruction in music, French, ICT, and physical education.

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