We feel it is our duty childhood create settings and experiences that capture the wonders of


promise to the families

At Peak to Peak, we recognize the value of childhood. We feel it is our duty to create settings and experiences that capture the wonder of childhood, foster each child's unique growth and development, and lay the path for future academic and personal success.

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Peak to Peak International School distinctive quality

We provide a distinctive early education experience based on our 10 years of experience and what working families have told us they need and want for their kids—and for themselves. We are people who care deeply about early childhood development and child care.

Crech or daycare

For parents who must work and are unable to stay at home to care for their children, childcare or daycare centers have shown to be a brilliant solution. Parents may focus fully on their jobs without having to worry about their children’s safety and security when they leave their kids at such a facility.

At Peak to Peak International School, we made sure that every student was nourished, had a pleasant environment, and was in a good mood.


An educational setting that educates kids between the ages of three and five for higher education is referred to as preschool. Preschools come in a variety of forms, including nurseries, kindergartens, Montessori schools, playschools, etc. Although all of the categories mentioned above basically refer to the same activity—educating children—they are sometimes used interchangeably due to differences in how education is delivered.

When it comes to maximizing a child’s potential, preschools are a need because they instill a variety of crucial skills that will later shape a child’s personality.

Basic 1-5

After kindergarten/preschool and before to secondary school, primary education, often known as elementary education, is typically the first stage of formal education. Primary education is provided in primary schools, elementary schools, or first and middle schools, depending on the locality.