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Quick FAQ

Yes, in the middle of the school’s grounds is a special playground that combines an indoor and an outdoor area. To allow kids of all ages to play outside every day, the playground equipment is suitable for infants through kindergarten prep.

Our center is open all year long, and we also enroll children and accept registrations at any time. To find out more about a schedule and start date that suit your family, give us a call.

Yes! For kids ages 3 and older, our institution offers a full-day preschool program. Preschool is an important year. From health and safety to ready-for-school content to the full support of qualified teachers, we’ve developed our program to give you complete confidence in all element of your child’s experience. Furthermore, our approach is centered on what experts believe would best prepare kids for kindergarten and all the major milestones to come.

Our team conducts thorough background checks on all potential employees and regular visitors before hiring new personnel because it is our responsibility to protect all pupils. Program license background checks that are mandated by the state are also carried out on all location personnel.

The choice to allow a child’s photo to be taken at the school is up to the parent. Some parent’s permit the use of images solely inside the classroom (e.g., to mark cubbies), while others permit both internal and exterior usage (e.g., for our center’s website). Still other families do not permit the use of images of their children at any time, under any circumstances. In any case, we respect your rights and your decision. If a photo of your children is taken and you want it removed, contact us at any time, and I’ll take the necessary steps.