About us

Through entertaining and instructive exercises, we assist kids in engaging their bodies and minds.

Our about

Our history

In 2014, Mrs. B.O. Alao launched a platform for children’s education that would change their lives, and on September 23, 2015, Mrs. B.O. Alao formally incorporated her business as a limited corporation. That early experience laid the foundation for how kids study today, providing safe havens for youth to develop. Serving hundreds of parents, their families, and staff each year, what we do has a big impact. In addition to our focus on education and service, Peak to Peak International School also values and promotes excellence. 

Mrs B.O Alao is a Nigerian businesswoman and Proprietor of Peak to Peak International School.

Our Graduates

Peak to Peak schools prepare scholars with the skills they need to excel in public or private school. Teachers of kindergarten and first grade who participated in surveys said that our graduates are enthusiastic learners who are prepared academically and socially for the future.

Health & Safety

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our students. We follow the NCDC and Federal Ministry of Education norms and have tight rules for cleanliness and security in our facilities.

The health and safety of our students are our top priorities at Peak to Peak International School. Our standards are the highest in the sector, exceeding or satisfying all local and state regulations.